Friday January 19th, 2018

just diy | STAR WARS baby girl baptism decoration

Normally I should have taken some how-to pictures, but I was the Godmother and also the decorator! So, all the crafting happened between my regular job and dress hunting for me as well as the baby. So, thank God I had a little time to take some pictures before all the stuff was taken to church.

What I want to say is that this specific project was one of my favorite ones, not only because I love the parents and the baby, but because they let me do whatever I wanted!

For example this epic candle with Princess Leia!



And this epic box which I made from ply wood. Find the fonts here


And these super cute pink flags with the baby’s name. starwars_vaftisi_simaiakia1

I know I don’t explain much, but I do promise to make a video on the subject and explain everything on how to organize a DIY (Greek) baptism. Till then, you can see all other videos here


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