Tuesday January 30th, 2018

Make the most fun wand for your cat

No kidding, this is the most amazing DIY toy I’ve made for my cat Pritsini. My other cat Loukia, is not the play-cat type, she prefers to sleep all day and night, so no fun for her! This toy is actually a wand with some kind of small toy or pom pom hanging. I’ll show you the basics but from then on, it’ s all about your inspiration.

You’ll need a one meter long wooden peg, with a diameter no bigger than 1cm. With this you make 2 wands. Apart from that you’ll need spray paint, thin ropes, feathers, pom poms for the decoration. Also, if you have a dremel multi tool it’s easier to make.

Let’s see how I made it. Mark the peg in the middle and cut it in half.


With the drilling bit, make a hole at the edge of the peg.


Finally, with the sanding bit, sand the edges and holes.


After that you’ re ready for the decoration. I played with spray paint but you can also do other stuff like wrapping it with colorful ropes etc.



Once everything is dry and set, you’ re ready to attach the ropes. The rope must be a bit longer than the peg, at around 60-70 cm. Put the rope through the hole and make a knot. At the edge of the rope tie a pom pom or feather, or other soft toy. paixnidi_gatas7


Play, see what fits best with your cat and definetely put color! The brighter and the most intense, the better. Done! paixnidi_gatas10


Pritsini the Wild Cat!


Try this DIY and make your cat happier! 🙂

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