Thursday February 1st, 2018

Clay. Don’t forget to play

There are many times that I am out of words regarding pottery & clay. I try speaking about our connection with this material which is actually a piece of us as humans, about the effortless way one can work with it, provided that they “listen” to it, that they show devotion to it. However I am not sure whether my message comes across or that the listener can relate and connect to my words. Today, as I was looking at the pictures you will see below, I thought of something that hadn’t crossed my mind (at least consciously) until now. It’s something that I think everyone can relate: PLAY! Yes! It’s so obvious, pottery is playing! You play with mud, water, dirt and that’s so amazing! And everything, either bad or good, comes from playing.

So I think that that play, found it’s way to sneak into some of my pottery object.

Like in a dream. like it’s drawn in the pages of the most dreamy book. That’s the brief I gave myself when I started making this mug. It’s the first of a collection called “Just Dream”.


Everyone who knows me and reads this blog, know how crazy I am about Tim Burton. It was Tim Burton and his aesthetics that inspired me to make this one. Something dark but happy, something black but also white, something melancholy but pretty.


Something simpler. A big mug for Christos to drink his coffee with Ikaria Island on it. When not at the island, why not have the island on your mug?


This is “The Fish”.

fish-mug2 fish-mug1 tim-burton-mug pilos-totalpilos-dream

And below, the most amazing candle holder, which I did not make, but I wish I had. The are made by my friends Sylwia & Yorgos,  a couple who started pottery together about a year ago, absolutely loved it, and with hard work they are now almost pros! I am so jealous guys! Way to go!  (BTW, I call them dragon eggs, but i don’t know if they would agree <3 ) sylvia_candle_holders1 sylvia_candle_holders

So that’s about it about clay and play! Don’t forget to play! It’s just too important to forget.

3 thoughts on “Clay. Don’t forget to play


    Τι όμορφα υπέροχα και οι κούπες και οι βάσεις για ρεσό.Τι πηλό χρησιμοποιείς και μετά τα περνάς με κάποιο βερνίκι?Καλημέρα,καλό μήνα!!

    1. elektronjust Post author

      Καλημέρα Ιωάννα, καλό μήνα! Είναι η κλασική παραδοσιακή κεραμική, μακάρι να ήταν πιο απλό! Δηλαδή, ψήνεις κεραμικό στους 1200, μετά το γυαλώνεις (υγρό γυαλί) και μετά πάλι ψήνεις σε πιο ψηλή ακόμα θερμοκρασία. Φυσικά όλα γίνονται στο εργαστήριο που υπάρχει ο εξοπλισμός!


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