Sunday March 19th, 2017

Back to analog

You know, pinterest is nice, tumblr is nice, my blog is nice, our digital lists and catalogues are also nice…but nothing is better than analog. You can’t smell the paper, or feel its texture. You cant put actual stickers or craft online.

And sure, I get the irony of speaking about analog on a digital medium, at the same time where I am listening to music via Spotify and in a while I’ll watch The Good Wife on Netflix… But! There is room for everything! So today, having extra inspiration from Flow Magazine (go, check it, it’s amazing!), I decided to start making a book like an analog pinterest. I gathered my papers, stickers, various stuff from magazines and started making my own Home Catalogue. And of course  I took a bazillion photos, because these stuff look great on pictures!


Furniture, colors, wall stickers and tapestries carefully cut with a pair of scissors. And it’s really important to take your time. Cut shapes calmly, slowly while really looking at them. This way you’ll be able to dream with them, imagine the things you want to do. That’s why analog is so great; because it “forces” you to take your time, to relax and picture things in your head much more than you would by simply pressing the re-pin button.


Combine materials. Get washi tape, papers, everything that inspires you, everything you love.

backtoanalog3 backtoanalog4

Make your own notes. Don’t overthink it, just write whatever comes to your head while looking at the picture.

backtoanalog5 backtoanalog6

Make a page with samples of the papers and wrappers you have. Today I opened the box where I keep all this stuff and I saw so many things I didn’t remember having. So I decided to cut round samples of the papers, so every time I want something from the box, I’ll take a look at the book to see what I have.



Make a nice cover, write your name, put stickers, draw, anything! It’s yours and it should be perfect, your kind of perfect. And after you do all these, stop and take a look at what you made. You’ll be amazed. 🙂

backtoanalog9 backtoanalog10

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