Thursday March 23rd, 2017

A chair with a twist

When my childhood friend and neighbor Sotiris texted me, telling about some chairs he was ready to throw out, you can guess what I told him!

The chairs you see below, were brought to my warm embrace ready to be reborn!


I started with the tougher one, just to see how much of challenge it was going to be. There was so much paint on it! However with the hot air gun, I actually made it and rather easily I must say. In approximately 2 hours I was done removing the 95% of the paint.


Later on I started sanding. Even though the original plan was to paint it over with some bright color, I had an epiphany and everything changed. While sanding, I realized that this weary/dirty (but consistent) look of the chair was something I actually liked. Besides, perfection is scarcely a target of mine in these “before&after” projects.


So, after i was done with the sanding, I gave it two coats of varnish (no color) and i left it in the workshop for about a week without looking at it. When I saw it again, I thought it needed that extra something! So I sprayed the legs an ombre yellow.


And then I decorated a little, for the needs of the photo shoot!


That’s about it! Now i’ll have to see what I’ll do with the other two. Any ideas?

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