Friday March 3rd, 2017

Make a wooden crate



So it’s been a while since I started thinking about making a crate. Last Saturday was the day I finally decided to get on with it. 🙂 Lets see what you’ll need.

Tools: jigsaw, hammer

Materials: Wood slats, wood glue and nails.

And now let’s see what you need to do.

For starters you must cut the slats at the desired dimensions. For the smaller sides I cut 8 pieces. 3 per side to be placed horizontally and 2 per side to be placed vertically. For the bigger sides I cut 6 pieces. Finally for the bottom I suggest you wait until you’re done with the sides so that you can cut the correct sizes and pieces.

Lets see. Below you can see one of the 2 small sides. I didn’t start to nail and glue immediately, but I sort of tested it to see the best way to place the wood. I didn’t use a measuring tape of course to make sure that there are same distances between the horizontal pieces of wood.. because… well my eye sight is jus so good! 


After that I started nailing and gluing. Don’t overdo it with the nails. 1 per spot is enough.

kafasi3 kafasi5

And here is one side! You make the second one the same way (good to use the first one as a “ruler”)


After you’ re done with the two, you put them to stand opposite each other like you see below. Then you start gluing and nailing the other sides pieces.



Finally the bottom. Same process again.


That’s it! Seriously, that was it! And this way I solved my “where-to-put-all-my-magazines-papers-notebooks” problem.



Hope you like it. If you happen to make one too, don’t hesitate to send a picture at [email protected] and I’ll upload it here 🙂

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  1. Αχιλλέας

    εχεις κανει παρα πολυ καλη δουλεια!!! Θα το κανω απο Δευτερα! Αλλα νομιζω εχεις πισης κανει και ενα λαθος στη μετρηση.. Στα πρωτα κοψιματα ειναι 10 τα κομματια που κοβεις και οχι 8. 3 ανα πλαινη πλευρα και 4 καθετα , στο συνολο 10…


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