Friday February 3rd, 2017

10 things to have in stock to be a decent DIYer and crafter!


Before you start reading the actual article, I just want to tell you that my very dear friend and great illustrator Thora, really honored me by making the above illustration to go with the article! Hooray!! You can find more of the amazing things she creates by following her on her instagram account .  And we will continue to work together so you can expect many more amazing things to come! Lalallala!!

You know, sometimes creativity comes at totally inappropriate hours. And by inappropriate hours, I mean the time the the DIY stores are closed. You know, like a Sunday morning you have this HUGE idea and it’s just a shame not to do anything with it, especially when you feel like it.

Me on the other hand, I have been a DIYer and crafter for so much time, that I have so many supplies (even though not everything is considered necessary). So, on the following list (I love lists) you’ll find the uber-necessary stuff for your creative swings.

1. Masking tape.  You can’t imagine how useful this stuff is. It’s an important “tool” to hang a frame up on the wall, to do some color blocking thing, to do crafting with paper and so many other things. Just make sure you get 2 sizes, a big and a small one.

2. Acrylic colors. Just buy a pack of acrylic colors. They are useful because you can use them for many types of surface and when they dry, they set very well.

3. Papers. Colorful, white, with patterns and designs, interesting wrapping papers etc. Of course you can’t stock up in a day, but when you go out to the stores and find something interesting, buy it even if you are not planning on using it immediately.

4. Glues. Wood glue, plain glue, stick glue etc. I don’t think I need to explain why.

5. Ruler. Seriously, you might think that there is a ruler somewhere in the house, but are you sure? Do you remember where it is? Always keep 2-3 rulers around and make sure you know where they are.

6. Washi tape. This is just like papers. You don’t buy it because you necessarily want to make something on that moment. You see it, you buy it and use it with every given chance. I think I have over 20 washi tapes!

7. Frames. Get some in various sizes and leave them somewhere. Seriously, just knowing they exist, is a creative push! Also it’s a great thing to have around if you want to make a last minute present for someone.

8. Nails, screws. plugs. It’s really amazing how useful they can be for projects beyond the obvious.

9. Twine, ropes, ribbons! 

10. Cutter. Get your self a good quality cutter from a hardware store. Not only it cut better and on more materials than the paper cutter, but also due to it’s bigger size it has a better grip. It’s useful for all projects that require precision such as cutting stencils, making collages etc.

That’s it <3

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