Sunday December 11th, 2016

An old kitchen cabinet becomes a cat house



Or in my case, for 2 cats: Pritsini and Loukia. Do you remember the kitchen renovation I did back in August? Well, I had removed 2 kitchen cabinets and I did not throw them away, like any normal person would do. I kept them at the balcony for some time, definitely spoiling it for my neighbours since they had to see it. But the time for the project “DIY cat house” has come!

Here you can see how the cabinet was. A mess.


The first thought was to make an impressive entrance at the shape of a cat and oddly I succeeded! OK, maybe it’s not the best cat figure ever, but in my defence it’s easier to draw a cat than to cut the shape with a jig saw.


First I drilled a hole so that the blade of the jig saw would fit and then I started to cut.

spitaki_gatas3 spitaki_gatas4 spitaki_gatas5

For the inside, they can both go in, but I kept the shelf so if they want their privacy they can have it. For the inside surfaces I used pieces of carpet to make it softer for them and also to use as a scratch post. Also I drilled to holes on the upper side, put a rope on which I tied some knots to use as a toy. I am not sure if they will play with it, however I did want that extra something.


Decoration wise, and always keeping in mind my neighbours, since this house will be on the balcony, I decided to make it a “city color”. One side is black and all the rest is grey.


On the top surface I glued round pieces of carpet (I didn’t want to glue the whole surface, I thought it would be boring).


On the doors I glued some round pieces of wood, just to make it a little happier and colorful. 🙂


spitaki_gatas10 spitaki_gatas11

And just like that, 5 hours later and without having cooked/eaten/done any real house chores, the project is done and I have the first visitors!

spitaki_gatas12 spitaki_gatas13

They got out relatively fast though because the paint and glue still smell, so I guess I have to give it time. So that’s it! See what you can do with an old cabinet? Hope I gave you some ideas!

6 thoughts on “An old kitchen cabinet becomes a cat house

  1. Alex

    Μια καλή ιδέα επίσης είναι να βάλεις αφρολεξ στο πάτωμα. Από κάποιο παλιό μαξιλάρι καρέκλας κουζίνας ή ότι άλλο. Το έχω κάνει και μπαίνουν μέσα τρέχοντας. Θέλει την κυριλα της η γάτα τι να κάνουμε!

    1. elektronjust Post author

      Αχ ρε γμτ, δεν το σκέφτηκα να το κάνω από πριν! Θα βάλω κάνα μαξιλαράκι ή κουβέρτα που τους αρέσει να μπαίνουν κι από κάτω και να γίνονται κουβάρι <3

  2. Skeputin

    Μόλις σε ανακάλυψα και έχω εντυπωσιαστεί τέρμα και χάσκω με ανοιχτό το στόμα! Δεν ξέρω τι να προτοδιαβάσω ειλικρινά μπράβο σου, για την αισθητική, το χιούμορ,τη δεξιότητα… τι να πω, φτου σκόρδα!


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