Tuesday September 13th, 2016

Kitchen DIY renovation in the middle of August (and 2 give aways!)


So, I didn’t go on vacation in August. And you know, August in Greece is a quiet month that gave me plenty of time to think. And what does thinking give us? Ideas! And what happens when you have a lot of free time? Ideas turn into action!!

The truth is that my kitchen, even though it’s big and all, it was so badly designed. No space to cook. And I really like cooking! So I was thinking to actually change the whole thing, and do a proper renovation (paid and everything), but that requires money. And there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that I could gather that much money! At that point (the point when you do the budget on such a thing), it hit me “What kind of a DIYer am I, that I can’t solve a problem on my own?” So, on a Friday afternoon I left work, went to Praktiker store and bought all I needed for my evil plan.

Let me show you!

The 2 main problems that made this kitchen a disaster, were these: First, it has no benches, so this made cooking a nerve wrecking thing. Second, the fridge was right next to the kitchen (not so smart folks) and that made it an ecological disaster. I mean, think how much the fridge (and my energy bill!) tried to keep things cool when the oven was on. So, the target was to face these 2 problems.


The plan was to switch places among the bench on the left and the frigde. But that was not so simple because the bench was too big to fit and the fridge was too tall and didn’t fit because of the kitchen cabinets. But as a true DIYer, I wasn’t scared! I cut the bench and removed the cabinets so the fridge would fit (OK, the fridge is rather big but I love it and it’s not broken yet!)

After I made sure everything fits, painting process began!

For starters I had to sand down everything. EVERYTHING. Ask my neighbors, they’ll tell you! After that I had to prime the wood. I bought Praktiker primer.  I thought I would need more, but the small box was just fine. For painting I used enamel paint, Praktiker again since it’s cheeper than all the rest (enamel paints are rather expensive) and I used it for Andriana’s tables and I really liked it. I had a white sugary one and a retro mint green mixed. To tell you the truth, the original plan was to use the sugary one for the whole thing, but when I ran out of paint and had to get some more, I decided to experiment! You should definitely experiment with colors, it’s so much fun!



Somewhere between the process.


Besides the kitchen, there was the dining table. I wanted to make it a little more “posh”. I had painted it years back with enamel paint, but I got a little bored of it so….

Paint remover my friend. Pay attention to the instructions!


After I removed as much paint as I could, I sanded it.



And finally, I polished it with coloured polish.

That’s it! The renovation took me 4 days and the table 1 day. All in all, costed less than 50 euro, and that is something! Cha ching!!!



(OK, I have to fix the wall above the fridge, but I can’t right now, I am soooo tired!


I used an old ladder of bunk beds we had for hanging towels. I’ll paint this too at some point.




At night!



I don’t know, maybe it doesn’t look much, but to me, it has made a huge difference. The bench problem is solved and now it’s so much more comfortable to cook in. Also I love how the colors brightened up the place. And finally, I’ll admit it: I am so proud it Did It Myself!

And, as promised, Praktiker and JUST DIY have a contest for you! 

  1. You need to become a fan of JUST DIY on Facebook as well as Praktiker.
  2. If you want you can also follow the JUST DIY Instagram account. If you don’t want to, it’s OK. I still like you.
  3. Write your comment below (hopefully a good one!) and please give your name correctly
  4. Win Praktiker vouchers of 50 € to buy paints and accessories. <3

The give aways are 2 checks of 50€ from and the winners will be announced here and on the FB page, next Tuesday (20/9) in the afternoon.

Best of luck to everyone!!!!

PS. For the foreign readers, kindly note that the contest is only valid in Greece. 🙂  

42 thoughts on “Kitchen DIY renovation in the middle of August (and 2 give aways!)

  1. Αχιλλέας Κουλουμπής

    Ωραια δουλειά με το τραπεζι, καποια οδηγεια εξτρα εφαρμογης διαβρωτικού; Κανει για ξυλα που εχει περασετει μπογια;, δηλαδη ασπρες κασες πορτας κτλ;

  2. Άννα Μαργαρά

    Μπράβο! Η κουζίνα έγινε φοβερή! Είναι απίστευτο το πόσα λίγα χρήματα χρειάστηκαν για μια τέτοια ανακαίνιση!!!

  3. Τότα Μακάριου

    Mπράβο σου, έκανες απίθανη δουλειά ! Και σκέφτηκες και οικολογικά.
    Είμαι σε περίοδο αλλαγών και ανυπομονώ να δω αν θα κερδίσω .

  4. Ανδριάνα

    Εξαιρετικό!!!! Και ειδικά με τόσο μικρό κόστος… Το ζήλεψα! Ωραίος Διαγωνισμός! Μακάρι… Ευχαριστούμε!

  5. Γιώργος Κάλπης

    πραγματικά έχεις ταλέντο και γούστο! το γνωρίζω 3-4 χρόνια το site σου και έχω πάρει αρκετές ιδέες ,bravo συνεχισε έτσι!

  6. Γιωτα Ιωαννίδη

    Το επομενο σταδιο ειναι να αλλαξεις τα πλακακια αναμεσα στα ντουλαπια. Πιστεύω πως ηδη εχει μεγαλη διαφορα προς το καλυτερο. Μπραβο σου. Για το διαγωνισμό το ονομα μου ειναι Γιωτα Ιωαννίδη


    Τα ντουλάπια και το τραπέζι έγιναν πολύ ωραία! Αλλά πρέπει να φτιάξεις τον τοίχο πάνω από το ψυγείο ΟΠΩΣΔΗΠΟΤΕ. Χαλάει το τσι!

    Άντε να κερδίσουμε και καμιά δωροεπιταγή γιατί θέλω να ανακαινίσω την κρεβατοκάμαρά μου :)))

  8. Rodo D.

    Ε! οχι κυρια μου!Δεν ανακαινησα εγω τη σχολη μου 2 μηνες καλοκαιριατικα και τωρα θα μου βαλεις ιδεες ν ανακαινησω και την κουζινα μου!Ε,οχι!
    Λοιπον,ευχομαι το τραπεζι σου να ναι παντα γεματο, με φαι,αγαπη και φιλους και να την ευχαριστηθεις πολυ!
    Μπαβο σου κι ευχαριστουμε για το post!


    Μόλις τελείωσα ανακαίνιση δωματίου και έμεινε η κουζίνα αλλά έμεινα από λεφτά 😛 :-P. Μακάρι να κερδίσω, καλή επιτυχία!!!


    Τελικά η δημιουργικότητα ενός diyer φέρνει αποτελεσματικές και όμορφες λύσεις!!


    ειναι μεγαλη ταλαιπωρια οταν ξεκινας μια ανακαινιση, ειτε μικρη ειτε μεγαλη! το αποτελεσμα ομως παντα σε αποζημιωνει και σε ικανοποιει!!!


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