Monday August 29th, 2016

Things are happening!


Yes, yes, marvelous news! The blog is renewed! It’s renovated! And is now sunnier and airy! It’s got new features, new categorization, (check on the left the images and the occasions) and… ENGLISH! Yes! The blog is now bilingual! 😀


This has been a very busy August.

My beloved cousin mrpc,  set up the new blog and made true all of my thoughts and more that that! There are more changes to been done but I couldn’t wait one more day!

I translated a good percentage of the posts in English. (more to follow though)

I renovated my kitchen. I’ll have a post soon about the most epic DIY I have done and also I’ll host a competition!!

I have activated the blog’s intagram account


I’ll participate in the Berlin Maker Faire with Dremel on the 1st of October!  4 people from Europe (Italy, Finland, Germany & Greece) will be making a project during the Faire and there also going to be live streaming so you don’t miss a thing! Check this out! 


I don’t want to reveal anything about the project, but I am soooo excited! 

That’s it from me. I hope you like the new blog and all the news. Stay tuned.

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