Tuesday May 31st, 2016

How a kid’s drawing can make you change the deco! (part 2)

Part two! (if you haven’t read the first part, find it here )

So, where were we? Yes, so I was trying to find a spot for my nephews masterpieces. I thought about it and decided to put them above my home office. BUT it was a complete mess… so move A, I finally cleaned up the chaos and move B, started decorating. (all of these things happened in 3 hours on Thursday night)

Here it is. 🙂 In the center, above the screen you can see Leonardo.


The second one, the one with Jack Skellington, took its rightful place in the Tim Burton Display Cabinet.


You see, the home office is the first thing you see when you enter the house. So, when it’s a mess it messes you up too! And, since I am speaking about a messy and bad mood… After I was done with the home office and was so excited it about it, I suddenly turned around and saw…………………….


(well, when tidied up it looked OK but it was tidied up around 3 times a year…I don’t wanna lie to you, it had to go)


My decisions were fast (and a little furious). Remove the old hanger from behind the door. Paint wall half white. DIY simple bench. And placement of white little hangers on the black part of the wall. I started Friday night with the wall painting and was done with the whole project by Saturday evening. Not bad, right?




Apart from the fact that we now have more space, one of the advantages of this change is that I am forced to tidy up my stuff, and not just leave everything everywhere!

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