Monday September 19th, 2016

7 tips for a cool renovation


As you probably saw recently, I renovated (DIYed actually) my kitchen! During this project, that involved a lot of “wax on wax of” (that is, I couldn’t move my arm with all this painting) , I had plenty of time to think. When I did something wrong, I had the time to think what I could have done to avoid it. And when I did something  right, I thought that this knowledge might help someone else. So, I gathered all of these thoughts and I present it to you. Hopefully there is something in there that could help you on your next project.

  1. Find time (and set a deadline). Think of your project, calculate the time  you think is needed for it and then add half of that time. For this period cancel all your outings. You are not going anywhere until you’re done! Also, try to finish in time. Setting a deadline helps you get moving faster.
  2. Organize the space. Whatever the project is, organized space is definitely needed. Sadly though, the space doesn’t make it self, so you’ll have to take care of that.  For example: are you painting a room? OK, take everything outside the room. Place them somewhere in a neatly way in order for them not to take too much space. Make sure the space you put them is not a central spot of the house. In other words don’t block the way with stuff.  It may suit you to leave something somewhere/anywhere for a while but TRUST ME, it will blow up in your face. You could step on it, trip on it, fall, swear etc. Also, that’s a way to avoid home accidents. 🙂
  3. Make a list. Right after you have the idea on the project, get a pen and paper and write down all the things you will need. There’s nothing worse than realizing that you don’t have something you need, on a Sunday morning when all stores are closed. So think, think, think and get organized.
  4. Get good allies (aka tools). The tools are the most important thing in a project. Without them, we can’t do anything. Don’t settle with something that is “Yeah, OK, this will work too” If -lets say- you have a lot of unscrewing/screwing to do, a simple screwdriver isn’t enough. You will need to find a drill that will save you an incredible amount of time.
  5. Find your patterns.  Give time to yourself and find a way that works for you. Make your own patterns if the project it’s self needs one. Don’t waste time trying things. Find what works for you and get it done.
  6. Don’t take too many breaks. Try to set a target before going on a break and finish it. Especially if the break involves beer or something, you’ll see that setting a target makes you want to finish it quicker.
  7. Pick your battles. If something is too hard, you can’t do it, or it’s just not worth the work, then don’t do it. Or don’t spend too much time on it.

That’s it from me! Good luck on your next project!

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