Tuesday December 27th, 2016

DIY kids scooter


So this past week it’s been craaazy! Making Xmas presents, working long hours at my regular job and then coming back home to continue making presents. So, in this post I’ll be super analytic since it’s very easy and a perfect present for the little ones. Especially if you have kids or a bunch of nieces and nephews like I have, it comes in handy <3

I found the idea here, only I used stencils instead of all paint.

Lets see, what you will need.

Tools: Jigsaw, sander, electric drill


  • A piece of wood 30 * 30 cm (I bought a piece of 120 * 30 and had it cut in 4 pieces)
  • Color spray
  • Wood varnish
  • 4 wheels
  • 2 handles
  • Wood screws (many of them!)
  • The stencils you want
  • Tape

Now, let’s see..

Step 1: cut the stencils


Step 2: tape the stencils on the wood


Step 3: paint over the stencils carefully with the spray.


Step 4: take a pencil and mark the parts of the corners that will be cut.


Step 5: Cut!


You will need to sand it though because after you cut it, it won’t be smooth.


Step 6:  step is the sanding. Do the corners and all other spots that you think it’s needed to smooth the surface.



Step 7: You remove all the dust and then give it one coat of varnish. You must definitely wait at least 24 hours for the varnish to dry.


Step 8: After you confirm that the varnish is all dry, it’s time to screw the wheels on the corners. You’ll need 4 screws per wheel.

diy-patini10 diy-patini11

Step 9: Finally you screw the handles. Make sure you place them on the same spot and height on both sides.

That’s it! You’re done!

diy-patini12 diy-patini13 diy-patini14

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