Sunday January 8th, 2017

Make a wooden pineapple


There are many reasons to make a decorative wooden pineapple. I have 3 to tell you. First it’s a bit difficult and that makes it challenging. Second, my very good friends Thanassis and Natasha have a (healthy) psychosis with pineapples, so big that they even call them selves “Ananash” (the greek word for pineapple is “ananas”) that comes from their names Ana (from Anastasia) and Nash (from Thanassis)  Third, pineapples are just so nice.

You will need:

  • 1 piece of wood (choose the size that fits your need)
  • A printed pineapple to make the drawing on the wood, or just draw it your self if you’re good with drawing.
  • Jigsaw
  • Acrylic colors and a ruler
  • clamps
  • sanding paper

Draw your pineapple on the wood. Try to make it without many details so it won’t give you a hard time when cutting it.  ananas1

Use the clamps to hold the piece of wood on a steady surface. Start with the upper part of the pineapple. Start cutting little by little so you have a better control.


After you’re done, use the sanding paper to smooth the surface out.

ananas3 ananas4

Now you can start with the coloring. I gave it a geometrical feel, but you can do as you please. I started with the blue-green parts and continued with the red-orange parts.

ananas5 ananas6

It’s ready!

ananas7 ananas8

And here is the picture from the “Ananash” house ! <3


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