Thursday December 8th, 2016

Just DIY this Saturday on TV!

apo_agkathi_rodo_introDIY as well as the decision to create this blog, has brought me a lot of joy, smiles, contact with amazing people and a lot of knowledge. I could never imagine though that among others I can now say that this blog got me on national TV ! Ha!

So, ET2 channel (greek national TV station) has a show  called “From thorn, to rose”. The host of the TV show is Yorgos Pirpassopoulos, a famous greek actor and the theme of it is “Up-cycling”. The theme is analysed in many unexpected aspects with sensitivity and great taste. You can see the previous episodes online here.

The subject of the next episode which will be on air this Saturday 10/12 at 17:00, is up-cycling and DIY. I had the pleasure of being invited and to tell you the truth, the experience was just fantastic. 

I woke up in the morning and suddenly the house started to fill with people from the production crew, bringing along cameras, microphones, especially the funny one that looks like a mop (apologies to sound engineers worldwide) .

“Can I take a picture guys? This whole thing is so surreal!”


We had an interview, but I am really sorry, I can’t tell you anything about it! You’re going to have to see the show on TV! We saw all the things I’ve made, had coffee, chatted and also DIYed a christmas tree together with Yorgos. (who I must say is a brilliant guy, funny, nice to to talk to!)

apo_agkathi_rodo2 apo_agkathi_rodo3

This is Vasso and me. Vasso is the producer of the show, a really amazing and joyful person.


And the make up artist, Manto!


And this is the Christmas tree we made!


And with a twist in the lights.


And of course we have a trailer! That’s it! Saturday can’t come soon enough! I am so nervous! 😀

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