Monday December 5th, 2016

For the love of pottery!

Well, just dropping by to say that I continue pottery classes and while time passes I am seriously considering of throwing away all my kitchen stuff and making new ones! This post is an update with favorite things I made. Must tell you that everything is actually usable; they are not just pretty. For example I eat my cereal in the blue bowl and on the plate with the dots I just served some greens (greek horta) nom nom.

So, pictures follow! I am waiting for your honest opinion! 🙂

potterylove1 potterylove2 potterylove3 potterylove4 potterylove5 potterylove6

I wish I could make the following one, but lot of time must pass for me to reach this level. This amazing thing was made by my fantastic teacher Despina 



That’s about it!

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