Sunday December 4th, 2016

DIY shelf from an old bed slate


The best thing about being a DIYer is that you can find solutions for the house at any given moment. For instance this shelf. Let me be more precise.. I bought a microwave oven and the only place I could put it was at the kitchen at the place where I kept all the spices. But where would the spices go? Where? At the….drum roll….Bed slate shelf!

You will need an old slate, or a piece of wood that fits your needs (not too wide though), iron corners, screws and a drill. For extra charm you can decorate it with washi tape.


Mark the wall and the wood at the places where the holes will be made. Screw the screws on the wood and then drill the holes on the wall.



Then place the shelf on the wall (this will take 2 persons: one to do the job and one to hold the shelf) make sure the holes of the corners are on the correct spot, and screw. You’re done!

diy_rafaki4 diy_rafaki5 diy_rafaki6

It’s worth noticing that the whole thing took me about 15 minutes. Not bad huh?

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