Wednesday November 30th, 2016

Molivothikes at Chania!

Whatever I say will be and understatement for the people, the project, the creativity and the joy of Molivothikes at Chania. If nothing sound familiar, I suggest you read the previous post to get an idea 🙂

So, I arrived at Chania on Friday, the lovely Katerina picked me up from the airport and we went straight at the TEDx venue where I got to meet everyone. First of all Michali Fotinaki  that would do the project together, and the rest of the group, Elli, Ioanna and Manolis.


At around 9 in the morning the next day we did some preparations.


And couldn’t keep ourselves from making some pencil cases, just so we could try everything out 🙂


Michalis had arranged to have many colorful pencils. At around 12 the attendees started arriving and a short while after, we began. We played with tools and color sprays and had a creative time.  molyvothikes-chania4 molyvothikes-chania5 molyvothikes-chania6 molyvothikes-chania7

The project “premiere” went really well. It’s amazing how someone’s mood changes when they know that what they make is for someone else, for a child. I hope I can manage to continue with the project,  I hope it evolves in something good, I hope it leads us to something better.

Molivothikes project ended in Chania, but really it has just begun!  


Still waiting for ideas at [email protected] or at the FB page of the blog.  🙂

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