Thursday November 24th, 2016

Molyvothikes – A present for someone unknown

molyvothikesA while ago I had a proposal from Dremel Hellas to do a workshop at TEDX Chania and without too much thought I replied yes. When I found out about the subject of TEDx though, I was troubled. The subject was Xenos (The Unknown)

“Xenos is about the unknown. The unknown people, whose impact in our lives cannot be expected nor measured. It’s about the conditions we have not lived in but still attract or frighten us. It is about those concepts we named “limits”, because we didn’t know any better. Xenos, as in the future we have yet to live, the future that scares and excites us at the same time.”

So I couldn’t just do something irrelevant. In a brainstorming with my boyfriend, we thought about Molyvothikes (pencil cases).

“At the Molyvothikes Workshop, we will create a pencil case, a simple DIY project with the use of wood and some electric tools. The pencil cases we will make, will not be for us, but for a stranger. These strangers are the refugee children to whom we will send the pencil cases along with all the necessary material (pencils, pens etc). To make this small gift even more personal  we can bring school materials to go along and also write a message at the bottom of the pencil case to the unknown receiver.” 

And like this, at Chania a story begins; a story called Molyvothikes that I hope we could continue together in Athens as well as other places in Greece. At this point I am in venue search, so if you have any ideas, I would love to hear them. So feel free to send an e-mail at [email protected].

Last but not least, this project has the support of Dremel and BOSCH and without them the idea itself wouldn’t even exist. .

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