Wednesday October 11th, 2017

just diy | make a cat friendly armrest-scratch post for your couch

This project is really very simple. The concept is to make the outside side of the armrest much taller so as to have space for a lot of rope for your cat to scratch on.

Before you start this project, you need to do is to measure your couch.

You’ll need: 

  • 3 pieces of plywood (actually you can use whatever you like, I prefer plywood because it’s easier to drill, cut etc)
  • Rope (prefer a thin one, it’s easier to wrap)
  • Wood glue
  • wood screws
  • Drill

The process: 

Glue the pieces of wood together. If you are alone, it’s best to let dry and then screw the screws. You don’t need to drill the wood before. The screw itself go into the wood just fine.

if on the other hand have someone to help, then you can screw right after you’ve glued the pieces. After you’re done with the main construction, you are ready to start wrapping. Glue first, then rope, glue again, the rope and so on and so forth.


There’s also a video i made, but there’s a big chance you won’t understand a thing, because it’s in Greek. You can try though! 🙂

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