Sunday September 17th, 2017

The ladder that became a hanger

So here I am! Yes, yes I suck. I was on vacation and must admit found it hard to “come back”. BUT ladies and gentlemen, today, even though it’s Sunday I didn’t have a nap, which is very important to me. Can you guess why I didn’t get my nap? Because I finally decided to fix the (very bad shaped) ladder I had in the kitchen for almost a year.

Also, I decided to start making videos. It’s my first attempt (it’s basically my instagram story – follooooow me!!) and I do say some silly stuff, BUT when I become a rich and famous DIYer I promise you I’ll hire a whole production team. Until then, you need to be patient and watch my humble videos and pics)

So let’s start with the pics.

This ladder was not only broken, but also missing a small piece of wood which didn’t allow me to glue it together normally.

ladder1 ladder2

So I used some glue and duct tape (is that spelled correctly?)


I gave it a sanding and then primer. ladder4 ladder5

Primer done.


The thing with the pictures is that you don’t see the whole process. So you tell yourself  “Yeah, that’s easy” and then you fall in to the trap of DIY and become it’s slave FOR EVER! For example below you see the ladder after 3 coats of paint.


After I was done with the painting, I tied the broken part with some rope.


I also used some glue.




Last detail, a small nail to hang the oven mitts.


That was it! You see? Pictures are misleading 🙂

ladder12 ladder13

And now the video. Drama button! (I do realise you probably don’t speak Greek, but give it a try) 

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