Wednesday October 18th, 2017

just diy | how to make a spooky halloween wreath

Dear friends, JUSTDIY’s favorite season is finally here! It’s almost  Halloween and the place will be filled with skeletons and spiders! This year, I took the whole Halloween thing a step further and I did some half skull make up for my video.

Today I am making a decorative Halloween wreath, just a bit scary, a bit ugly but definitely suitable for the occasion!

To make a similar one, you’ll need: 

  • green branches
  • small pieces of dry branches
  • rope
  • black spray paint
  • any other spooky decoration bits you might like
  • glue gun

How to make it  (full steps, although in Greek in the video above)

  • Weave the wreath as you would normally do.
  • Every once and a while use some rope to make sure it won’t tear.
  • Decorate with the dry branches
  • Spray paint the whole thing
  • After it’s dry, use the glue gun to glue spooky decoration.



You can also hang spiders, or other stuff.

Happy Halloween! 🙂

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