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Sunday January 8th, 2017

Φτιάξε τον πιο απλό δίσκο σερβιρίσματος ! !

Τις γιορτές που μας πέρασαν έφτιαξα πολλά δώρα. Η αλήθεια είναι ότι έπρεπε να τα έχω ανεβάσει στο blog νωρίτερα, αλλά δεν προλάβαινα και να φτιάχνω και να κάνω post. Τέλος πάντων, κάλλιο αργά παρά ποτέ! Το project  δίσκος είναι από τα πιο απλά που έχω κάνει και βγαίνει πολύ ωραίο και εντυπωσιακό. Επιπλέον είναι […]

Make a wooden pineapple

There are many reasons to make a decorative wooden pineapple. I have 3 to tell you. First it’s a bit difficult and that makes it challenging. Second, my very good friends Thanassis and Natasha have a (healthy) psychosis with pineapples, so big that they even call them selves “Ananash” (the greek word for pineapple is […]

Tuesday December 27th, 2016

DIY kids scooter

So this past week it’s been craaazy! Making Xmas presents, working long hours at my regular job and then coming back home to continue making presents. So, in this post I’ll be super analytic since it’s very easy and a perfect present for the little ones. Especially if you have kids or a bunch of nieces […]

Sunday January 17th, 2016

DIY wooden colour blocks for kids

When making something for your unique, amazing, pretty little 2year old niece, you make it with excitement, energy and precision! The idea was not mine! I was looking online last week to find something to make for her, instead of buying something that would last for 3 days and I found this blog post. I […]