Tuesday November 21st, 2017

just diy | How to make a wooden magazine holder


On 11/11 we had the Athens Classic Marathon. Some people ran, some did DIY. Guess what I did. Well, the project wooden magazine holder is rather simple and you can watch it in the video below, however I do have some written instructions below

You will need: 2 pieces of wood, a jig saw (or a hand saw that suits you) and a ruler.

Find the center of each wooden surface by measuring the middle of the height and length. Next you need to cut from the center to one side and remove a piece as big as the thickness of the piece you have. Finally, when both pieces are cut, you put them together like a 3D puzzle. And if I am not making any sense, I think the next photo will help. The wood I used are OSB and they are 45*35 cm each. Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 23.27.05


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