Saturday September 14th, 2013

Give chopper a chance!

Nooooooo! Don’t throw away the chopper that you found in a drawer, that must be the same age as you and doesn’t chop to save it’s life!

Well the truth is I did throw it away, but then, 5 minutes and a creative twist later, I picked it up from the trash. Maybe it’s the Tim Burton influence, or maybe the “we don’t throw stuff away” that my mom taught me. Either way, the chopper’s life was saved.

The idea came automatically: Spray paint + various objects = Love For Ever.

I wrapped the handle with a bag and took it out on the balcony. I laid a couple of newspapers down and gave it 2 coats of spray paint to create an even look. Pay attention to the directions on the bottle, especially if you haven’t used spray paint before.

So now the chopper stands proud over the orange painting my friend Eva made, giving the necessary macabre twist to the decoration.


And now, after the chopper, other objects followed. The ladle you see below wasn’t meant to be thrown away, but since I had a couple more, I said “Ok, how many ladles does a kitchen need?” Then, nail, hammer and hanging on the wall.


(now look, if you are careful not to put the colored part in the chicken soup, you can actually use it as well! )


That’s it! 😀

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