Wednesday September 11th, 2013

No budget sad sad story!

My old friend Yorgos that we used to work together at ZOO bar in Athens, that was firstly introduced to me by his friends as “Yorgos, Wolverine”, has been hit by the financial crisis and moved to Frankfurt, Germany. He’s no longer Wolverine and has turned into a corporate clog in some German Big Corporation!

Well, Yorgos is an architect and now lives and works in Germany, with his girl (well to be precise he moved there for her!). Anyway, things haven’t been easy for him away from home, so he decided to make his house a home with zero budget.

So, with great pleasure I give you his projects:

The necessary pot for Greek herbs that was decorated with a gym rope. Yorgos said he’s very proud of this knot! Applause!


And since he’s good with photoshop and all, the next picture speaks for its self.


The next project is a deco one. The chess board. But because my text is nothing compared to Yorgos’ s , I give you his.

“Ah! How nice! I found a chess board in the trash. But I have no pones. I do have a tiny ninja that symbolizes me (I have had various Japanese martial arts in the past) that I wander around, fighting with the Unknown North, without knowing what is in store for me, armed with my knowledge, my readiness, experience through hard times and patience.

I also had a few babushkas, which is a gift to my girl from her old boyfriend, from his trip to Russia, that symbolize the North that comes to choke me, to swallow me (also they symbolize her ex that even though I moved to another country to be with her he wouldn’t stop fighting for her)

The battle begins…”

φωτογραφία 1-1 φωτογραφία 2

“Haha! I got the ex boyfriend! Hopefully I can also conquer the North φωτογραφία-1

(I thought I would express my self with a sloppy photoshop, floor plan and perspective …)”

Last project: The bench

He found the board also in the trash. But since he didn’t find the rest of the furniture, he decided to use books to turn it to a bench/TV stand

I will give you his original text that even though is more wordy, it’s definatelly better than mine.

“You gather as many books as you think are needless to decorate your bookcase and also think no one would want to read them (this is so that you don’t have regret that you don’t give them away to someone or at least recycle) and you make same height piles. If you gather more books every now and then and want to re-adjust the height, you need to be a little patient to get the same height on the piles. Oh come on! Don’t get bored, you spend so much time playing silly games on your smart phone for no reason. You can actually play REAL TETRIS, and there is a reason!”

And here it is!

φωτογραφία 1

So, this is it from Yorgos and Frankfurt. We wish him wholeheartedly to make a lot of money, because with that bench his girlfriend is bound to leave him and find a man with a regular couch!!

Thank you Yorgos!

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