Monday September 9th, 2013

The Batman Table

So OK, its Christmas time and I had decided that I would make all the presents. One of them was the batman table I made for my sister who had just moved in with her boyfriend. We had 2 of them at home, and you know every kid from Greece born from 1975 to 1985 that respects itself, must have these kind of tables at their parents house.

The procedure was rather simple. Sander and then enamel paint, color ice white. After that I got online and started looking for stuff. I was thinking something with a comic twist, but then without lot of thought, I started gathering only Batman stuff. I printed the pictures and decided on the collage. I used white glue for paper and fabric mixed with water. I glued the papers down with a brush and then gave it 2 more coats of glue. This created a good surface so that you can actually use it as a table and place things on it. My sister though is afraid to use it because she thinks it will get destroyed, but I just tell her that if this happens then we’ll just make it over <3

batman table copy

4 thoughts on “The Batman Table

  1. evi g

    Έχω φάει ένα σκάλωμα με το ντεκουπάζ. Θέλω να μάθω να το κάνω! Εγώ πιο ρετρό στυλ. Όχι μπάτμαν. Αλλά το τραπεζάκι μου άρεσει τόσο πολύ που λέω να προσπεράσω την τεχνική του ντεκουπάζ και να κάνω τη δική σου!

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