Sunday April 10th, 2016

A big company in Xeirotechnika Athens


This was the second time I was invited to participate in Χειροτέχνικα to host a DIY workshop. The first time was last October were we made a cement vase while this time we also made a vase (really, vases don’t really mean anything special to me, it’s just a coincidence) with wood and glass bottles. And you know, DIY is better with friends so I invited my friends and  Black+Decker for help and they came to my assistance!

Black+Decker brought all the tools we needed while brought for us the necessary glass bottles (filled with traditional ikarian lemonade and orangeade I <3 Ikaria) to complete the project.


First thing we had to do was to drink the refreshments and get to know each other!


Then we had to cut the wood. Yannis from B&D was there to help, so both of us showed the participants how to use the saw. xeirotexnika3xeirotexnika4xeirotexnika5xeirotexnika6xeirotexnika7

Then we had to glue the wood together and create the Π shape. xeirotexnika7b

Some pieces of wood needed a little sanding. xeirotexnika8xeirotexnika9

Then we had to open the holes in the wood, with holesaws. xeirotexnika10xeirotexnika11xeirotexnika12xeirotexnika13

At this point I need to say that I finally had my cards printed! Design by mr Belias of course. xeirotexnika14


A! Flowers! xeirotexnika16

We finished the vased, put our flowers in and took a “family photo” 🙂 xeirotexnika17

Special thanks to Yannis from B&D. We’d still be there if it weren’t for him. xeirotexnika18

And of course, special thanks to my man who took pictures of the whole thing and made us look good!

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