Sunday March 27th, 2016

Make a tre chic scratch post for your cat


It’s been a while since my last post. But I’ll try to be more consistent. Actually I have been taking pottery classes and I don’t even have time to write (I’ll tell you all about it though soon)! Anyway, I don’t want to blabber, last week I made this scratch post for Pritsini and Loukia (my cats).

You will need some rope, a piece of wood (mine was from an old bed slat that I cut), glue, screws, electric drill to put it on the wall and a lot of patience! Preety simple, right?

Let’s see


Using a brush I glued the wood. Careful though, not to put too much glue otherwise the rope will get messy.


With patience I wrapped the rope around the wood.


And then, just for the cuteness of it, I added a little orange.



I drilled 4 holes in the wall and put it with screws.


Cha ching!!! (Loukia is a bonus)


So here it is, something easy, made by you for your cats! And even if they never use it (cause with cats there’s always this chance) it’s OK because it’s just tre chic!


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