Thursday January 7th, 2016

The pinboard: TV, Netflix and decor

As many friends said on Facebook, “Netflix is here (Greece), Goodbye life”. So, if we are to become couch potatos, let’s do it in style. I have gathered for you tv furniture and in general wall units that include the “devil box”, also known as Television. No, it’s not that we’ll stop watching tv. We’ll be watching Netflix though, and this makes us less losers. 😛

1 – Ooohhh! Design furniture and all. I found it here, although it’s out of stock. If you are a DIYer though, you can try to make it.



2 – Half geek – Half intellectual.  2 in 1. Do you want to impress your friends? You shut the doors and say with pride “I don’t own a TV!”. Then your friends leave, your open the doors, you switch Netflix on FOREVER and never see your friends again. You send them a letter telling them you left for Machu Pichu and not to expect back soon. tv3

3 – Wood & Cement The basics. After that you need a tv, connection to the web, a couch, a fridge and an account for e-food. You don’t have any friends. 😛


4 – I really like wood as a back ground (with or without the TV). Let’s see some implementations




5 – Ok, I only put this for fun because it’s really amazing but also really expensive! These rich guys from Copenhagen  do cool stuff like this. I am sure that these people don’t have Netflix. Most probably they call the actors at their place for live performances.


6 – Here the TV is appreciated as art apparently. I think it’s a little confusing, but nice. Source here


Cheers !

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