Sunday September 22nd, 2013

Planting with Nikoleta

Nikoleta is a agriculturist. I on the other hand am not, not even one bit of a agriculturist. And since I am not a agriculturist, while Nikoleta is one, I want you to know that this post is hers.

So, in order for you to understand how much of a agriculturist I AM NOT, last year I was given a cactus and I managed to make it die. (OK, I’m not so bad with plants, I mean I do have a whole garden at the terrace, but there is nothing there I planted my self, I just water it)

Anyway, Nikolete, like Santa Claus came to my place with gifts! She brought a bunch of succulents (I hope google translate got succulents right), some cactuses and another thing I don’t remember how it’s called, as well as a big bag of dirt.

We got up to the terrace and started with the dirty work.


We gathered a few alternative pots such as a lamp, a decorative watering can, a huge pottery plate and a small wooden crate that used to hold fruit.

νικολετα 1

Here Nikoleta tries to explain to me the name of the plants, I don’t really listen to her and take pictures, getting on her nerves!

So let’s take a closer look on each one.

The lamp (it’s one of these you find in a staircase of a typical Greek home)



(and now you can find in my kitchen)

The watering can



On the big pots, Nikoleta said to put rocks in order for the dirt not to be dispersed from wind and all, and also to protect them from my cats. So, all the stones I have gathered from time to time from my island Ikaria (google this) and used them on the alternative pots.




The wooden crate






  1. Before planting them, we placed them in water for a couple of minutes.
  2. The top surface of the plant’s root, needs to be on the same height with the last dirt you will put on the pot. So, depending on the pot first you put the dirt in, calculate where you want the plant to reach, put the plant and then put the remaining dirt. (I am sure this sentence made no sense, but don’t worry it doesn’t make sense even in Greek)
  3. After you’re done with the dirt and all, it time to water it. For each one you saw above I used half a glass of water. When you water the dirt will settle and now it’s a good time to see if you planted the plant in a right position. At this point you might need to push the plant down if necessary.
  4. In the crate that has openings on the bottom side, you will need to place a plastic bag before the dirt, so it will hold it (and the water of course)
  5. Like all of us love our habits, so do the plants. So they don’t really like to be moved around. Think very well of the final spot you want them at.
  6. These types of plants don’t have particular needs in water. Once a month is OK, while more could give your plant a macabre death by drowning (you get it right? I mean they will get rotten).
  7. The dirt. So, there are many types of dirt you can buy. Depending on the plant/flower/vegetable you want to plant, you need to ask the advice of a plant shop.
  8. Stay wary of the cactuses! They are sneaky sons of b**ches. Put your garden gloves on!

That’s it! Thank you Nikoleta! I hope you enjoyed this 🙂 

PS. I don’t know how this plan is called, but I named it New York. It’s my favorite!

νεα υορκη

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