No more pallet tables!


Yes, these kinds of tables are definitely a trend, as well as all constructions with palettes. On the other hand I have the feeling that no one actually does make them. All we do is admire them through pictures on Pinterest or go to fancy cafes that got rid of expensive furniture and put palettes and crates and pipes and “oh we love our industrial design” and the like… Anyway, I made the first palette table because I actually needed it for my living room and the second one for my best friend Niki that wanted to get rid of the ikea look.

So, lets go see what you need to do.



Try and find good palettes, not very used. You can also buy new ones, but the point is to recycle and not to buy new stuff! Put your working gloves on. Check the nails. You might need to remove some or add some. Then you need to give the palettes a good wash with water and chlorine. And leave them to dry very well.

If you aim for perfection (which I am not!), you can use putty to fill the holes. Leave it to dry according to the directions on the package.

(don’t get bored, I can see you!)

Then you give the palettes a good sanding. Remove dust a good as you can and the wash them once more. Leave them dry.

Next step is primer. Well, primer is that thing that always seemed useless to me but you know, turns out it has protective properties, seals the wood from moisture etc so it would be nice if you didn’t get bored and did it. J


The colour 

I am a huge fan of enamel paints.



Also I am a fan of flat colors and enamel paint suits me because it gives that effect. However if you want the palette in it’s actual wooden look, then all you need to do is to buy some wood varnish. Ask your DIY store what to get for your needs.

So, the painting process is a simple one. You get a sponge roll and a brush for difficult parts and give it 2-3 coats. Let dry, get bored and so on and so forth.


Now, it’s time for the wheels. You will need 4 wheels and probably you will need a drill unless you are The Hulk and can manage with just a screwdriver.


Screw them on the 4 corners of the palette. Look at the photos to get a better idea. Oh, and don’t forget: when you buy the wheels make sure that the 2 of them have brakes so that the table doesn’t move.


Now, I don’t connect the palettes together. I just put the one on top of the other. It doesn’t move due to the weight and it is easier to clean.


So that’s pretty much it. If you have any questions feel free to write!N

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    1. elektronjust Post author

      Καλημέρα Ελεάνα, όχι, δεν χαλάει. Μόνο ένα ξέπλυμα θα κάνεις. Άλλωστε είναι ξύλο που έχει υποστεί επεξεργασία για να διατηρείται πολύ, οπότε μην ανησυχείς 🙂


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