Sunday September 17th, 2017

The ladder that became a hanger

So here I am! Yes, yes I suck. I was on vacation and must admit found it hard to “come back”. BUT ladies and gentlemen, today, even though it’s Sunday I didn’t have a nap, which is very important to me. Can you guess why I didn’t get my nap? Because I finally decided to fix the (very bad shaped) ladder I had in the kitchen for almost a year.

Also, I decided to start making videos. It’s my first attempt (it’s basically my instagram story – follooooow me!!) and I do say some silly stuff, BUT when I become a rich and famous DIYer I promise you I’ll hire a whole production team. Until then, you need to be patient and watch my humble videos and pics)

So let’s start with the pics.

This ladder was not only broken, but also missing a small piece of wood which didn’t allow me to glue it together normally.

ladder1 ladder2

So I used some glue and duct tape (is that spelled correctly?)


I gave it a sanding and then primer. ladder4 ladder5

Primer done.


The thing with the pictures is that you don’t see the whole process. So you tell yourself  “Yeah, that’s easy” and then you fall in to the trap of DIY and become it’s slave FOR EVER! For example below you see the ladder after 3 coats of paint.


After I was done with the painting, I tied the broken part with some rope.


I also used some glue.




Last detail, a small nail to hang the oven mitts.


That was it! You see? Pictures are misleading 🙂

ladder12 ladder13

And now the video. Drama button! (I do realise you probably don’t speak Greek, but give it a try) 

Tuesday April 18th, 2017

A mountain of jewellery!

Just like almost all my DIYs, this too derived from an actual need. I was trying to organise my jewellery when I realised I didn’t have a place to hang my necklaces. And I don’t know about you, but if I don’t see my necklaces, I forget about them and never wear them. So, out of inspiration but in need to solve the matter, I checked the web and found this on etsy which I am not ashamed to say I copied. Also let me note that it costs 65 euros and it only cost me an old piece of wood and some paint (which I already had). However, at this point we should say that hand-made objects have a special value due to the creation process behind them, the creativity, the idea, the design and it’s all worth it!!

So let’s see. You design your mountain on a piece of wood and then cut it with the saw.


Sand the back of it, so you leave a gap between the wood and the wall when you mount it, so you can hang the jewellery.


After paint it as you wish.

mountain3 mountain4 mountain5

Mount it on the wall and start hanging stuff! That’s it! Easy right?

mountain6 mountain7

Tuesday April 11th, 2017

Yes. Clay Desk Lamp!

This may have taken me 4 months to finish and it’s not the most amazing table light in the world, but I did finish it, it works and everything, and for me…well it is the most perfect table light in the world.

fotistiko1 fotistiko2 fotistiko3

There was a lot of work and thought over it, but it was worth my while because the next I’m making, won’t be so difficult to finish!

And now, lots of pictures because I just can’t get enough of it! 

fotistiko4 fotistiko5 fotistiko6 fotistiko7

Thursday March 23rd, 2017

A chair with a twist

When my childhood friend and neighbor Sotiris texted me, telling about some chairs he was ready to throw out, you can guess what I told him!

The chairs you see below, were brought to my warm embrace ready to be reborn!


I started with the tougher one, just to see how much of challenge it was going to be. There was so much paint on it! However with the hot air gun, I actually made it and rather easily I must say. In approximately 2 hours I was done removing the 95% of the paint.


Later on I started sanding. Even though the original plan was to paint it over with some bright color, I had an epiphany and everything changed. While sanding, I realized that this weary/dirty (but consistent) look of the chair was something I actually liked. Besides, perfection is scarcely a target of mine in these “before&after” projects.


So, after i was done with the sanding, I gave it two coats of varnish (no color) and i left it in the workshop for about a week without looking at it. When I saw it again, I thought it needed that extra something! So I sprayed the legs an ombre yellow.


And then I decorated a little, for the needs of the photo shoot!


That’s about it! Now i’ll have to see what I’ll do with the other two. Any ideas?

Sunday March 19th, 2017

Back to analog

You know, pinterest is nice, tumblr is nice, my blog is nice, our digital lists and catalogues are also nice…but nothing is better than analog. You can’t smell the paper, or feel its texture. You cant put actual stickers or craft online.

And sure, I get the irony of speaking about analog on a digital medium, at the same time where I am listening to music via Spotify and in a while I’ll watch The Good Wife on Netflix… But! There is room for everything! So today, having extra inspiration from Flow Magazine (go, check it, it’s amazing!), I decided to start making a book like an analog pinterest. I gathered my papers, stickers, various stuff from magazines and started making my own Home Catalogue. And of course  I took a bazillion photos, because these stuff look great on pictures!


Furniture, colors, wall stickers and tapestries carefully cut with a pair of scissors. And it’s really important to take your time. Cut shapes calmly, slowly while really looking at them. This way you’ll be able to dream with them, imagine the things you want to do. That’s why analog is so great; because it “forces” you to take your time, to relax and picture things in your head much more than you would by simply pressing the re-pin button.


Combine materials. Get washi tape, papers, everything that inspires you, everything you love.

backtoanalog3 backtoanalog4

Make your own notes. Don’t overthink it, just write whatever comes to your head while looking at the picture.

backtoanalog5 backtoanalog6

Make a page with samples of the papers and wrappers you have. Today I opened the box where I keep all this stuff and I saw so many things I didn’t remember having. So I decided to cut round samples of the papers, so every time I want something from the box, I’ll take a look at the book to see what I have.



Make a nice cover, write your name, put stickers, draw, anything! It’s yours and it should be perfect, your kind of perfect. And after you do all these, stop and take a look at what you made. You’ll be amazed. 🙂

backtoanalog9 backtoanalog10